Chapter 2 Class 9 Polynomials

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A polynomial is an equation of the form x2 + 2x + y - 3 = 0

It has

  • Variables like x, y with powers as whole numbers (0, 1, 2, 3, ....). If Power is not a whole number, the equation is not a polynomial.
  • constants like - 3


x2 + 2x - 3 is a polynomial as power of x is 2 and 1.

But x1/2 + 1/x = 0 is not a polynomial as power of x is not a whole number (it is 1/2 and -1)


General Equation of a Polynomial

anxn + an-1xn-1 + an-2xn-2 + ..... a1x1 + a0x0


We will be studying polynomials which are in one variable, i.e. only has x or y, but not both.

Example - x2 + 2x - 3 is a polynomial in one variable as there is only x

But x2 + 2y - 3x = 0 is not a polynomial in one variable as there is both x and y. 


We'll discuss Degree and coefficients of a polynomial as well as classifying polynomials based on degree i.e. linear, quadratic and cubic polynomials. Towards the end of the chapter, we'll be discussing algrebaraic identities and how to factorise using algebraic identity.


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