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Chapter 9 Class 7 Rational Numbers

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In concept wise, we have first divided the chapter into concepts. When you click on a concept, first the concept is explained, and then its related questions are solved from easy to difficult.


In this chapter, we will study

  • What are rational numbers
  • All natural numbers, whole numbers and integers are rational numbers
  • Finding equivalent rational numbers
  • Writing rational numbers in Standard Form
  • Drawing rational numbers on the number line
  • Comparing rational numbers (with same, as well as different denominators)
  • Finding rational numbers between two rational numbers
  • And then we will study how to add and subtract rational numbers (with same, as well as different denominators)
  • As well as how to multiply
  • and divide rational numbers


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Serial order wise

  Ex 9.1
  Ex 9.2

Concept wise