Chapter 13 Class 7 Exponents and Powers

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In this chapter, we will learn

  • What are exponents
  • Finding number when numbers are given as power
  • Finding greater number when numbers are expressed in power
  • Writing numbers as number with power using prime factorisation
  • Finding powers of negative numbers - (-1)Odd number = -1 & (-1)Even number = 1
  • Discussing Law of Exponents
    • Multiplying powers with same base (am × an = am + n )
    • Dividing Powers with the Same Base (am ÷ an = am - n )
    • Taking power of power ( (am)n = am × n )
    • Dividing Powers with the Same Exponents (am ÷ bm = (a/b)m
    • Numbers with exponent zero (a0 = 1)
  • Expressing numbers in Standard Form


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