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Chapter 1 Class 6 Knowing our Numbers

Get NCERT Solutions of Chapter 1 Class 6 Knowing our Numbers with Videos of all questions. All exercise questions and examples are solved with step-by-step answers.


In this chapter, we will

  • First revise our concepts of Place Value
  • Learn about Indian Number System and International Number System
  • Then, we learn how to compare large numbers
  • And, add, subtract, multiply large numbers
  • We study what rounding off is, and how to round off to nearest tens, hundreds, thousands
  • We learn about General rule for rounding off, which is used in sum, subtraction and multiplication
  • Then, We study about Roman Numerals
    • What are Roman Numerals
    • Rules for forming Roman Numerals
    • List of Roman Numerals for reference
    • Roman Numerals for big numbers


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