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Chapter 16 Class 11 Probability

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We have studied Probability before, 

Probability is defined as

Probability = Number of outcomes / Total Outcomes


In this chapter, we will use the concepts of Sets and Permutations to learn about Probability.

The topics of the chapter include

  • Finding Sample Space (here Sample Space is a set)
  • Studying different Types of Events like Impossible and Sure Events, Simple event, Compound Event
  • We will also learn what Mutually Exclusive, and Exhaustive events are.
  • Then, we will find probability of Union (A or B), Intersection (A and B), Complement (not A), A but not B using Set Theory
  • And we will find Probability using Permutation and Combination


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Serial order wise

  Ex 16.1
  Ex 16.2
  Ex 16.3

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