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Chapter 1 Class 11 Sets

Learn Chapter 1 Sets of Class 11 free with solutions of all NCERT Questions for CBSE Maths. All examples, formulas and exercise questions explained in an easy way. Important questions are also marked for your reference


Topics in the chapter include

  • Definition - What is set and how is it used
  • Depiction of set - How to represent it, Roster form, Set-builder form
  • Intervals - Interval notation and how it is related to sets.
  • Types of sets - Null set, Finite set, Infinite Set, Equal Set, Subset, Power set, Universal set
  • Union, Intersection and Difference of Sets - Explanation and its questions
  • Venn diagram - What is Venn diagram and representing union, intersection, difference of sets in the Venn Diagram
  • Complement of set - How to find complement and its representation in venn diagram
  • Number of elements formula - Using number of elements formula for 2 and 3 sets and solving questions
  • Proof questions - Solving proof questions using properties of sets and its application of properties of sets


Explanation of individual topics with questions to practice are given in Concept wise. Check out Concept wise, or the NCERT Exercise wise.