Class 11

Chapter 1 Class 11 Sets

Learn Chapter 1 Sets of Class 11 for free with solutions of all NCERT Questions for CBSE Maths. All examples, formulas and exercise questions explained in an easy way.

Topics include

  • Definition - What is set and how is it used
  • Depiction of set - How to represent it, Roster form, Set-builder form
  • Intervals - Interval notation and how it is related to sets.
  • Types of sets - Null set, Finite set, Infinite Set, Equal Set, Subset, Power set, Universal set
  • Union, Intersection and Difference of Sets - Explanation and its questions
  • Venn diagram - What is venn diagram and represting union, intersection, difference of sets
  • Complement of set - How to find complement and its representation in venn diagram
  • Number of elements formula - Using number of elements formula for 2 and 3 sets and solving questions
  • Proof questions - Solving proof questions using properties of sets and its application of properties of sets

Explanation of individual topics are also given in Concept wise