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Chapter 1 Class 10 Real Numbers

Answers to all exercise questions and examples are solved for Chapter 1 Class 10 Real numbers. Solutions of all these NCERT Questions are explained in a step-by-step easy to understand manner 


In this chapter, we will study

  • What is a Real Number
  • What is Euclid's Division Lemma, and
  • How to find HCF (Highest Common Factor) using Euclid's Division Algorithm
  • Then, we study Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, which is basically Prime Factorisation
  • And find HCF and LCM using Prime Factorisation
  • We also use the formula of HCF and LCM of two numbers a and b
    HCF × LCM = a × b
  • Then, we see what is an Irrational Number
  • and Prove numbers irrational (Like Prove 2, 3 irrational)
  • We revise our concepts about Decimal Expansion (Terminating, Non-Terminating Repeating, Non Terminating Non Repeating)
  • And find out Decimal Expansion of numbers without performing long division


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