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Ex 12.1, 7 - Identify like terms in (a) - xy^2, - 4yx^2, 8x^2, 2xy^2



Ex 12.1, 7 Identify like terms in the following: (b) 10pq, 7p, 8q, – p2q2, – 7qp, – 100q, – 23, 12q2p2, – 5p2, 41, 2405p, 78qp, 13p2q, qp2, 701p2 So like terms are (10pq, 7qp, 78pq), (7p, 2405p), (8q, 100q), (−p2 q2, 12q2 p2), (−23, 41), (−5p2 , 701p2), (13p2q, qp2) Terms Variable −𝑥y2 −4yx2 8𝑥2 2xy2 7y −11x2 −100 𝑥 −11yx 20x2 y − 6x2 y 2xy 3x

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