If in any year,profits are not sufficient to give effect to depreciation,

balance is called Unabsorbed Depreciation.

It can be carry forwarded to become depreciation of nest year.



This can be carry forwarded for infinite number of years

unlike normal business loss which can be carry forward for 8 years 


In next years,it can be adjusted against any head of Income



Suppose Business loss of a company is as follows

Particulars Amt
SALES 10000
Expenses(Excluding Dep) 13000
Dep 2000
Total Exp 15000
Loss -5000
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As per the Section 72(2),

  • First Current year depreciation to be adjusted
  • Then Brought Forward Loss
  • Unabsorbed Depreciation


Suppose next year Company earns profit of 3000 as follows


Particulars Amt
SALES 20000
Expenses 14000
Dep 3000
Total Exp 17000
Profit 3000
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  1. Income Tax
  2. Set off and Carry Forward of Losses
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    I am not understand Treatment of Unabsorbed Depreciation please elaborate this with example .one example given your application but I think that was wrong pls help me

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