If two figures have the same shape & size,

they are congruent


For example




  AB & PQ have

  • Same shape - both are lines
  • Same size – both are 5 cm

So, they are congruent.


How to check if they are congruent?

What is Congruency? - Part 2

We rotate PQ

& superimpose it an AB


Since, PQ comes AB exactly…

They are congruent


Some common shapes that are congruent are

What is Congruency? - Part 3


Congruency Symbol

If two figures are congruent

What is Congruency? - Part 4

We write

  AB ≅ PQ


If two figures are not congruent like


We write,

  XY ≇ CD

What is Congruency? - Part 5


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