Suppose we have a map with North, South, East, West Map


If we move from


We have rotated ‘right angle’ in clockwise direction.

We see that

  We have rotated 1/4 of the full turn.

  So, right angle is 1/4 of the full rotation


If we go from

  East to South


We have rotated right angle in clockwise direction


Now, if we go from

  South to North clockwise


We have rotated 1/2 revolutions.

This is straight angle .

  2 right  angle = 1 straight angle



  If we go from East to West Clockwise


Then we have rotated 1/2 revolution

  i.e.  we have rotated

    1 straight angle



  We go from North to North


In this case,

  we have rotated 1 revolution

  ∴  we have rotated 1 full angle


In Summary





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In Summary, 1/4 revolution I.e. 1 right angle 1/2 revolution i.e. 2 right angle i.e. 1 straight angle 1 revolution i.e. 4 right angles i.e. 2 straight angles i.e. 1 full angle

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