Decimal are number which have a decimal point


Decimal number are number between two whole numbers

Decimals - Part 2

But, what does decimal point mean ?

Let ‘s look at place value first


Place value of numbers with decimal point

For number

Decimals - Part 3

The numbers  is

       Two hundred eighty seven

       287 = 2 × 100 + 8 × 10  + 7


Decimals - Part 4


Suppose we put a decimal point as well

Decimals - Part 5

The numbers  is

    Two hundred eighty seven point four

Decimals - Part 6




We can have

Decimals - Part 7

Decimals - Part 8


Similarly, We can have The numbers is Two hundred eighty seven point four six 287.4 = Decimal Point Tenth place Hundredth place

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