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Following perquisites are fully exempt

  • Telephone provided by employer to employee
  • Transport facility by employer in transport business to his employees free of cost or concessional rate
  • Privilege pass provided by Indian Railways to employees.
  • Perquisites(and allowances) provided outside India to a Government employee for providing service outside India
  • Leave Travel Concession
  • Annual Premium paid by employer on personal accident policy on the life of employee
  • RFA provided   for High Court /Supreme Court Judge /Union Minister (CG) and Leader of Opposition  is fully exempt.
  • RFA for Employee working in Mines Site/ Dam Site / Onshore Oil  Exploration Site 
  • Food provided to Employee >50 per meal
  • Conveyance facilities to High Court and Supreme Court Judges
  • Amount spent on training of employees or amount paid for refresher management course (Boarding and Lodging also covered) 



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