Following are exempt

(1) Tea/ Coffee / Snacks provided to Employees during office hours.

(Only non alchoholic beverages covered here)

(2) Food provided to Employees during office hours.

(a)In Remote area  → No Limit

(b)In Other Cases  → Rs.50/- per meal

If provided through paid meal vouchers which are non transferable, then also exempt.


However all other cases are taxab le like

1 .Alcoholic Beverages

2.Food greater than Rs.50/- per meal  (If Rs.60 per meal then balance Rs 10 taxable)

3.Food provided After Office hours is taxable

4.Meal vouchers which are transferable

In all above cases, Cost of food less any amount Recovered will be taxable.





  Mr  Ajay receives basic salary of Rs.50000 P.M

  He also gets free food at office, cost of food per meal is Rs.80/- and he works for 300 days

 Calculate Income from Salaries




Suppose the company charges Rs.20 per day from Ajay regarding meal in Q1



Suppose free coffee is provided every day cost = Rs.10 per coffee for 300 days





Solve Q1 Assuming Employee is posted in remote area and get free food per day @80/plate for 300 days






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