1. Fast Food Restaurant

    People drop by here for quick meal
    Example:- McDonald's, KFC, Domino's
    They are usually self service(first we have to make payment and then food is delivered)

  2. Casual Dining Restaurants

    These are budget restaurants where whole family can have a meal
    Meal is not too expensive 
    Example:- Food Court, Haldiram's , Bikaner

  3. Fine Dining Restaurants

    Here,there are proper dress codes and proper service by staff Charges for food are also high
    (Normally,we have food first and then make payment later
    Some restaurants also have a dress code)
    Example:-  Punjab Grill, Barbeque Nation

  4. Food Truck/Local Vendors

    They are local vendors who set up a small shop where people eat in the open
    They are cheapest in terms of cost
    Example:-  Food Van

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Services Offered by Restaurants

Dine in (People eat at the Restaurants)


Takeaway(People get food packed and take it home)


Delivery (Person orders food on phone and restaurant gets it delivered)


Where is English Most Required?

It is most required in fast food resturants (like McDonald's) and fast dining restaurant (where we have to talk to waiter).

Normally,local language is sufficient in food trucks and local dining restaurants

It's been a long time since we had Pizza

इटस बीन ए लॉन्ग टाइम सिन्स वी हेड पिज़्ज़ा (बहुत टाइम हो गया जब हमने पिज़्ज़ा खाया था )

Okay, lets order from dominos

ओके, लेटस आर्डर फ्रॉम डोमिनोस (ठीक है, डोमिनोस से आर्डर करते है )

No lets go out to eat. We never go out

नो लेटस गो आउट टू ईट, वी नेवर गो आउट (नहीं बाहर चलते है खाने, मै कभी गया नहीं )

But I am too tired

बट आई एम टू टायर्ड (लेकिन मैं बहुत थक गया हूं)

Dont worry, we will be back in half an hour

डोंट वरी, वी विल बि बैक इन हाफ एन आर (चिंता न करो, हम आधे घंटे में वापस आ जाएंगे)

Okay lets go

ओके लेटस गो (ठीक है चलो)


  1. English Speaking
  2. Restaurant

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