Different Types of Departments

Sales & Marketing

This Department a gets the customers


Operations & Production

In Service Industry,Operations department delivers the service to customer

In Factories,Production Department manufactures goods for customers


Customer Service

This department handles customer complaints and helps them in case they face any problem


HR & Payroll

This Department is responsible for hiring and firing employees,handling their salary,increments,and taxes on salary


Accounts & Taxation

This department handles receipt and payment and accounting of different transactions of business as well as tax and legal matters


Admin Department

They handles day to day office maintenance activities as well as purchasing daily use items for office employees like tea and snacks


IT Department

They normally handle Computer,Server and Internet Issues like helping employees if they face any computer problem.They are also responsible for purchasing new computers and servers and their maintenance


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Who is that girl?

हु इस डेट गर्ल? (वो लड़की कौन हैं?)

She is a new joinee

शी इस अ न्यू जोइनी (नई आई हैं )

Which Department?

व्हिच डिपार्टमेंट? (किस विभाग में )


एच आर (एच आर )

All good girls in HR only,none in our Production ?

आल गुड गर्ल्स इन एच आर ओनली, नन इन आवर प्रोडक्शन? (सारी अच्छी लड़कियाँ एच आर में ही हैं, हमारे निर्माण विभाग में नहीं हैं। )

Which girl would like to get their hands dirty in Production Department? They all prefer a desk job

व्हिच गर्ल्स वुड लाइक टू गेट देकर हैंड्स डर्टी इन प्रोडक्शन डिपार्टमेंट? दे आल प्रेफर अ डेस्क जॉब (कौन लड़की अपने हाथ गंदे करेगी निर्माण विभाग में? वे सब काउन्टर की नौकरी करना पसंद करेंगी)


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