Tally is a paid Software

It needs to be purchased to legally used it


However, educational version is available free of cost which can be used for learning.

Follow the steps to download and install Tally ERP 9

  1. Click https://tallysolutions.com/download/
  2. Just Click Install
  3. Setup will be Downloaded
  4. Click Setup
  5. Automatically Tally Installed 
  6. Shortcut on Desktop Appears
  7. Click Tally ERP 9 Icon
  8. If paid, Activate license  or If used to learn Click Work in Educational Mode


Difference between Paid Version and Educational Version of Tally

Paid Version of Tally Educational Version of Tally

All features of tally can be used


  • All features of tally can be used here also 
  • However,Dates do not change,
  • Entry cannot be made on all dates of month
  • It is only possible on first or last date of month 

License valid for 1 year after which some renewal fees to be paid

It is free of cost for learning process





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