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Ex 11.1, 3 - Construct angles (i) 30 - Ex 11.1

Ex 11.1, 3 (i) - Chapter 11 Class 9 Constructions - Part 2
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Ex 11.1, 3 Construct the angles of the following measurements : 30° First we make 60°, and then its bisector Steps of Construction : Draw a ray OA. Taking O as center and any radius, draw an arc cutting OA at B. 3. Now, taking B as center and with the same radius as before, draw an arc intersecting the previously drawn arc at point C. 4. Draw the ray OD Passing through C Thus, ∠ AOD = 60° Now we draw bisector of ∠ AOD 5. Taking B and C as center, with radius more than 1/2BC, draw arcs intersecting at E. 6. Join OE Thus, ∠ AOE = 30°

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