Direct Pronouns are used at beginning of sentence

Example- He,she,it,They

Indirect Pronouns are used in the end of Sentences

Example- him,her,it,them



What are Indirect Pronouns - Pronouns

Name of Noun Indirect Form
He him
She her
We us
They them
You you
It It
My Mine


Identify Direct and Indirect Pronouns

Example 1 :

She is my Maths teacher.

I hate her
maths teacher.jpg

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Example 2 :

What are pronouns in this image?
i love my gf.jpg

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Example 3 :

This is me.

She is my girlfriend

I like her
i like her.jpg

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Example 4 :

This car is owned by me

It is in the shape of a shoe

shoes car.jpg

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Example 5 :

We are friends

This home belongs to us
We are friends.jpg

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