Indirect Tax

When a dealer gets himself registered under State VAT Act,

he gets RC (Registration Certificate)

and is called Registered Dealer

He is allotted a unique number called, TIN No.


What is TIN Number?

Vat registration number is called TIN Number

Full form of TIN Number is Tax Payers Identification Number

It is of 11 digits all over India

First 2 digits are state code as used by Ministry of Home Affairs

and remaining 9 digits are unique number


For example

In Delhi, Tin number is of format 07545342118 where 07 is code of Delhi


Note:- Nowadays, same TIN number is allotted for VAT and CST Registrations. However old registrations may have separate number for CST Registration


Exam Questions

Question 15
State with reasons in brief whether the following statements are correct or incorrect with
reference to the provisions of value added tax laws:

(iii) Taxpayer's Identification Number (TIN) is a 10 digit alpha numeral.

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