When do you put a call on hold

  1. Suppose you receive a call on behalf of someone else
  2. When you receive call but are currently busy



You can say

  1. Please hold on for a second
  2. Please wait,she is coming
  3. Can I put your call on hold
  4. She is busy,please hold or call back in 5 Minutes
  5. Please hold,she is on another call


If you do not want to put on hoid,you can say

  1. I will call you back 
  2. Please call back in 1 hour,I am busy
  3. She is busy,can you please call back later


Hi. Can I speak to Rajesh?

हाय केन आइ स्पीक टू राजेश ? (नमस्ते, क्या मैं राजेश से बात कर सकता हूँ?)

He is on another call, Can you hold on for a second?

ही इस ऑन अनोडेर कॉल, केन यू होल्ड ऑन फॉर ए सेकंड ? (वह दूसरी एक कॉल पर है, क्या आप एक सेकंड के लिए होल्ड कर सकते हैं?)


शोर (जरूर)


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