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TDS Deducted on
which is earlier

TDS is normally deposited on 7th of Next Month
But March TDS is Deposited on 30 april



Complete the following Table

Due Dates.png

English Video

English Video


Complete the following Table Bill Issued Payment Made on TDS Deducted on TDS Deposited on 3-Jan-19 4-Jan-19 3-Jan-19 07-Feb 3-Jan-19 2-Jan-19 2-Jan-19 07-Feb 3-Jan-19 28-Dec-18 28-Dec-18 07-Jan 3-Jan-19 28-Dec-18 (30%) 28-Dec-18 (30%) 07-Jan 09-Feb (70%) 3-Jan-19 07-Feb 3-Mar-19 20-Apr-19 3-Mar-19 30-Apr 3-Mar-19 28-Jan (10%) 28-Jan (10%) 07-Feb 17 Feb (30%) 17 Feb (30%) 07-Mar 09-June(50%) 3-Mar-19 30-Apr 09-Aug(10%) 3-Mar-19 30-Apr

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