What is ICES System

ICES means Indian Custom EDI System

It is an Online System for Giving Rebate

In this case,REBATE is calculated automatically by ICES Software



Service tax paid on the specified services eligible as rebate under this exemption shall be calculated electronically by the ICES system, by applying the rate specified in the schedule against the said goods, as a percentage of the FOB value.


Description of goods


Live Animal


Meat and edible meat offal


Fish etc



Rebate shall be deposited in the bank account of the exporter.



Conditions to be Satisfied

  • Exporter should have  Bank Account no
  • Exporter should have Central excise registration or service tax code number*
  • Such number should be registered with ICES (Indian Custom EDI System)
  • He should declare his option to avail service tax rebate on the electronic shipping bill/bill of export while presenting the same to the proper officer of Customs.



  1. If the exporter does not have Service tax code number referred to in clause above, it should be obtained by filing a declaration in Form A-2 to the jurisdictional Assistant Commissioner / Deputy Commissioner of Central Excise.
  2. Minimum service tax rebate for an electronic shipping bill is  50.
  3. An exporter who has claimed the rebate electronically cannot claim the refund again on the basis of documents.

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