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Form No. Description Due Date
GSTR 1 Details of outward supplies of taxable goods and/or services effected   10th of the next month 
GSTR 2 Details of inward supplies of taxable goods and/or services effected claiming input tax credit. 15th of the next month 
 GSTR 3   Monthly return on the basis of finalization of details of outward supplies and inward supplies along with the payment of amount of tax. 20th of the next month 
GSTR 4   Quarterly return for compounding taxable person. 18th of the month next to quarter 
 GSTR 5 Return for Non-Resident foreign taxable person 20th of the next month 
 GSTR 6  Return for Input Service Distributor (ISD) 13th of the next month 
GSTR 7 Return for authorities deducting tax at source 10th of the next month 
GSTR 8    Details of supplies effected through e-commerce operator and the amount of tax collected 10th of the next month
GSTR 9 Annual Return By 31st December of next FY 
GSTR 10 Final Return Within three months of the date of cancellation or date of cancellation order, whichever is later.
GSTR 11 Details of inward supplies to be furnished by a person having UIN 28th of the month following the month for which statement is filed




If turnover is upto 1.5 Crores, then Quarterly Returns Required from Oct-Dec

However GSTR3B to be filed for Oct, Nov, Dec

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  • Rajiv Kaushal's image
    New business started in august 2017 how many returns of gst i have to filed/submitted?
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  • Javid Jaffire's image
    Who is called input service distributor?
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  • Sanjay Divadkar's image
    Sanjay Divadkar
    Dec. 1, 2017, 12:14 p.m.
    We have filed GSTR 3B and GSTR 1 for July 2017. Our CHA  have also filed EGM of our shipping bills. But certain shipping bills have differences. Also we have not mentioned port code in GSTR 1 as it was not mandatory. We have not been granted the IGST REFUND as yet. What could be the reason for the delay?
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  • Karan K. Begraj's image
    Why is GST registration compulsory for taking certain government contacts.?
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  • Pravesh Kumar's image
    What types of taxes still here we have in Delhi?? 
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  • Naveen Garg's image
    Sir plz tell me what is the gstr 3 with example ?
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  • Dipak Sharma's image
    I am a retail seller 
    I purchase many product from different different supplier I have a gst no I want to file a gst nil return how can I file return 
    I haven't file any single return yet now?
    My query how many return I need to file?
    Which return I need to file in different different times and please provide me due dates of return my income is under 2.5 lac
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  • ramandeep singh's image
    ramandeep singh
    Oct. 3, 2017, 4:38 p.m.

    I'm new into my business of selling products online via Amazon, Flipkart. 
    I have got GST number last week only regarding this I have following questions:

    1) I have not made any sale purchase till date,do I need to file any return?
    If yes, which returns I need to file i.e. Nill Return or any other?

    2) As I told you that I'll be selling my products online only,which returns will be compulsory for me to file.

    3) Is there any software where I can just upload my invoices and can submit my returns easily?

    Ramandeep Singh
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  • Shahid Raj's image
    That i have not made any inward or outward transaction during July month 2017
    under the GST ACT.
    That i have mistakenly made the incorrect entries in GSTR 3b for the month of july 2017
    What should i do know 

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  • Sundar Prakash's image

    How to file NIL GSTR1 and GST3B returns. GST portal does not allow nil return filing

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  • Sanjeev Singh's image
    My company has two units at two places in UP covered under one GST Registration. My query is that whether both the unit need to file their separate return or only one return is required to be filed for both the units. 
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  • Kamal Gazi's image
    Compounding taxble means
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  • Sanjib Poddar's image


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