How to Apply Pan Card

Pan Card Form to Apply is

Offline procedure:-


  1. Download Form 49A/49AA
  2. Take Printout
  3. Attach 2 Photograph
  4. Put Sign
  5. Attach Proofs
  6. Go to TIN Facilitation Centre/Pan Centre and Submit



  1. Fill Online
  • Form 49 A for Companies


Go to

How to Apply Pan Card - Pan card


Select Applicant Of Category 2.png


Click Select 3.png


Click Here To know About AO Details 4.png


Selecting Alphabet (Search On City)

Example −−> Delhi (D), Mumbai (M) 5.png


Select City 6.png


Select Location 7.png


Click Submit 8.png


Fill Remaining detail then Submit 9.png


Enter Alphabets and Digits 10.png


Click Confirm 11.png


Click Agree 12.png


Select Your Bank For Net Banking 13.png


Click Make Payment 14.png


Enter login ID and password 15.png


Enter M-pin (Password Received On Mobile) 16.png


Click CONFIRM 17.png


After Click Confirm, Following Screen Here 18.png


After Sometime Acknowledgement Will Be Generated 19.png


  • Form 49AA for Non Companies

  1. Search Establishment Code
  2. Submit
  3. Acknowledgemet Received
  4. Send Acknowledgement to Address Given with Proofs


Documents Required

For Individuals

  1. One Photo proof of Voter Card
  2. Address Proof
  3. Date of Birth Proof


Note: All 3 proofs can be one also like

  • Voter Card
  • Driving License


Documents to be submitted


For Partnership Firm

  1. If Partnership Deed notarized

Copy of Partnership Deed

  1. If Registered

Certficate of Registration of Registrar of Firms


For Companies

Certificate of Incorporation

(It is received on mail when company is formed)


Note: Zerox Copies which are self attested to be attached with Form

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