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Chapter 15 Class 9 Probability
Concept wise

Activity : Note the frequency of two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers going past during a time interval, in front of your school gate. Find the probability
that any one vehicle out of the total vehicles you have observed is a two-wheeler.

Note : This is an activity, so we assume some values and solve

Let's assume these values

Type of Vehicles Frequency
Two wheelers 150
Three wheelers 25
Four wheelers 75


We need to find Probability of getting a two-wheeler



Total number of vehicles = 150 + 25 + 75

 = 150 + 100

 = 250


Probability of getting two-wheeler = Number of two-wheelers/Total number

= 150/250

= 15/25

= 3/5


Thus, Required Probability is 3/5

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