If Gross Total Income is upto 250000

  • No need to file ITR
  • (Gross Total Income=Income from Business+ All other Incomes)
  • However Deductions(Section 80C) etc are not reduced while calculating GTI
  • (Although ITR Filing is not compulsory If GTI upto 250000,some individuals do file it as it is easier to apply for Foreign VISA and Bank loan if ITR is filed)

If Employee’s Gross Total Income > 250000

  1.   Income Tax Return is compulsory even if no tax payable if GTI >250000
  2. ITR Form Normally filled is ITR 4S.However,if proprietor has other incomes like Capital Gaina Income,he has tofill ITR 4
  3. If TDS deducted by Bank etc, then TDS Certificate in Form 16A to be taken from company to file ITR
  4. It is compulsory for Company has to give this TDS Certificate by 3 May of next year
  5. (For Financial Year 2015-16,it is to be given by 30 May 2016)
  6. In case tax is payable, first tax is paid through Challan 281 and then Return is filed



  • In this case,ITR 4S cannot be filed
  • It is compulsory to file ITR 4
  • Also accounts are required to be audited by CA


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