Whether Standard Deduction Applicable to Business


Standard Deduction of 40000 is available to Salaried Individuals (having Income from Salary)

(This has been increased to 50000 for Financial Year 2019-20)

Standard Deduction is not applicable to people having other types of Income (like PGBP income,Income from Salary etc)



Suppose there are 2 persons A and B

Both have Monthly Income of 35000 in Financial Year 2018-19

A is in Job,B is in Business

Calculate Tax for both A and B



Particular  A B
Monthly Income 35000 35000
Annual Income 420000 420000
Less Standard Deduction 40000 0
Net Annual Income 380000 420000
TAX 6500 8500
NET TAX 6500 8500
CESS 4% 260 340
TAX+ CESS 6760 8840
  1. Practical Income Tax
  2. Income Tax for Small Business

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