How is geothermal energy produced? Explain.


Answer :

Points to remember :

  • Geothermal energy means using heat and electricity generated from interior of the Earth.
  • Earth grows hotter with increasing depth.
  • Groundwater absorbs heat from the Earth, becomes steam, which is used to drive turbines - generate electricity.
  • 2 Geothermal energy projects : Parvati Valley and Puga Valley.

Answer to be written in exam :

  1. Geothermal energy Refers to the heat and electricity produced by Using the heat and electricity from the interior of the Earth.It exists because Earth grows progressively hotter with increasing depth. Where the geothermal gradient is high, high temperatures are found at shallow depths.
  2. Groundwater in such areas absorbs heat from the rocks and becomes hot. It's so hot that when it reaches the Earth’s surface, it becomes steam. This steam is used to drive turbines and generate electricity.
  3. 2 experimental projects harnessing Geothermal Energy are :

Parvati Valley near Manikarn in Himachal Pradesh and other in Puga Valley, Ladakh .

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