Which is the finest iron ore among all the ores of Iron?

(A) Magnetite

(B) Haematite

(C) Titan magnetite

(D) Pisolitic ironstone


Answer :

So, The correct answer is (A) : Magnetite.


Magnetite is the finest ore among all  the ores of Iron. Magnetite ore comprises 70%  of iron. The magnetic properties in this ore  are appreciable. 

Let’s check other options :

  • Option (A) : Magnetite has the maximum iron content, about 70%. So, it is correct.
  • Option (B) : Hematite , it has lower iron content about 50-60%. So, it is incorrect.
  • Option (C )Titan magnetite : has 52-65% iron content. So it is incorrect.
  • Option (D) Pisolitic ironstone : has only 15% iron content. So, it is incorrect.
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