Code of conduct:

A set of norms and guidelines to be followed by political parties and contesting candidates during election time.


Voters in a geographical area who elect a representative to the legislative bodies.


The current holder of a political office . Usually, the choice for the voters in elections is between the incumbent party or candidate and those who oppose them.

Level playing field:

Condition in which all the parties and candidates contesting in an election have equal opportunities to appeal for votes and to carry out election campaigns.


Fraud and malpractices indulged by a party or candidate to increase its votes. It includes stuffing ballot boxes by a few persons using the votes of others; recording multiple votes by the same person, and bribing or coercing polling officers to favour a candidate.


The percentage of eligible voters who cast their votes in an election.


The process by which people choose their representatives at regular intervals is known as an election.   



It refers to the entire body of people who are qualified to vote in the elections for the legislatures or local bodies. 

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