The autumn crop is usually harvested between September and October. 



The spring crop, usually harvested after March 



Lower ends of grain stalks left in the ground after harvesting


Customary rights

Rights that people are used to by custom and tradition 



Nomads are people who move from one location to another in order to make a living .


Pastoralists Nomads 

Pastoralists Nomads are a subset of nomads; they too move from one place to another, but they’re engaged in agricultural activities to earn a living .



The Gujjar Bakarwals are typically the ones that create these. These pastoralists create groups in their neighbourhoods, which leads to a kafila , or group of houses , coming together. They take this action to defend their herds and prevent animal attacks .



Bugyals are alpine pasture lands , or meadows , in a higher elevation range of the Himalayas in the Indian state of Uttarakhand , where they are called "nature’s own gardens."



A dry forested area below the foothills of Garhwal and Kumaun  


Gujjar Bakarwal

The Bakarwal are a nomadic ethnic group better known as the Gurjar .



is a tall, broadly conical tree with drooping branches that bears large barrel-shaped cones and is native to the Himalayas .



The Maasai are a Nilotic ethnic group inhabiting northern , central , and southern Kenya and northern Tanzania .



food , especially dried hay or straw , for cattle and other livestock .



were a nomadic group of people that moved around in search of suitable pasture land for their cattle.

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