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Direct Expenditure by all assessees

on Agriculture Extension Project ( Expenditure on training and education of farmers)

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not donation to outside party

150%    100%  Deduction available of amount of expenditure incurred (New Amendment)



  1. This section allows 150% deduction of the expenditure incurred on agriculture extension project
  2. The agriculture extension project which is eligible under this scheme will be specified by board  (CBDT)   Example:-Expenditure on training and education of farmer
  3. This deduction is available for all assesses.
  4. If deduction claimed under this section then it cannot be claimed in any other section .


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Proft and Loss of Ajay & Co,a proprietorship  
SALES 800000
PROFIT 100000
Suppose Expenses Include  
Expenditure on Approved Agriculture Extension Project 40000
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