Democracy implies rule of the  

A. Government

B. King

C. Military

D. Common people



Answer by Student

So, the correct answer is (D): Common people

Detailed Explanation by Teachoo


Let’s check all the options

  • Option (A) Government - Government is the system or group of people that governs a country or state. Government can be of different types, such as democracy, monarchy, dictatorship, etc. So, this is incorrect .

  • Option (B) King - King is the male ruler of a country who inherits his position by right of birth. King can be a part of a monarchy or a junta, but not a democracy. So, this is incorrect .

  • Option (C) Military - Military is the armed forces of a country that are responsible for defending it from external and internal threats. Military can be a part of a junta or a dictatorship, but not a democracy. So, this is incorrect .

  • Option (D) Common people - Common people are the ordinary citizens of a country who do not belong to any privileged class or group. Democracy implies rule of the common people, either directly or through their elected representatives. So, this is correct .

Thus, option (D) is correct

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