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Chapter 3 Class 6 History - Early humans II

Write short notes on – Daily life of early humans, Mehrgarh Period I.



Answer to be written in the exam:

Daily life of Early Humans

  • Early humans' daily routines differed based on their habitat and location , but there were many aspects of it that were the same in all societies.

  • The earliest people were hunter-gatherers who obtained their sustenance mostly by killing animals and gathering vegetation.

  • They frequently moved about in small groups in search of new food sources . They crafted weapons and tools from stone, bone, and wood that they utilized for many purposes, including chopping and hunting.

  • Bone flutes and cave paintings are examples of early humans' artistic and musical endeavors.

      Mehrgarh Period I

  • Mehrgarh (in Pakistan) is the earliest known farming and pastoral settlement in the Indian subcontinent.

  • It was here that humans first grew crops and tamed animals.

  • The earliest evidence of settlement here dates to 7000 BCE.

  • Charred grains and bones of animals have been found here.
    Wheat and Barley were the main crops.

  • Farmers kept cattle, sheep, and goats . Bones of all these animals have been found at the site.

  • The houses were simple mud structures square or rectangular in shape. No pottery has been found.

  • Burial sides are many in number. The graves contain objects such as s tone axes, ornaments of seashells, limestone, turquoise, lapis lazuli, and sandstone along with figures of women and animals.

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