Political Science
Chapter 3 Class 6 Political Science - Forms of Government

What are the features of a federal form of government? Give two examples.



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  • In the federal government there is a distribution of power between the central and the state governments.

  • The central and state governments are independent and co-equal : They have their own spheres of authority and can make laws and policies within their jurisdictions. They also share some powers and responsibilities.

  • There is a division of revenue and expenditure : The central and state governments have their own sources of income and ways of spending money. They also transfer funds from one level to another for specific purposes.

  • There is a federal judiciary and a supreme court : The federal judiciary interprets and applies the constitution and resolves disputes between the central and regional governments. The supreme court is the highest court of appeal and the guardian of the Constitution.

  • Two examples of countries that have a federal form of government are the United States and India. 
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