Chapter 2 Class 6 Geography - Latitudes and Longitudes

Which parallels are not circles?



Answer by Student

  • The poles are not circles.
  • They are single points at the ends of the Earth’s axis.

Detailed Explanation by Teachoo

  • The poles are not circles because they are the northernmost and southernmost points on Earth, where the Earth’s axis of rotation meets the Earth’s surface. The axis is an imaginary line that passes through the center of the Earth from the North Pole to the South Pole. The Earth spins around its axis once every day, which makes it day and night.
  • The poles are also called the 90° parallels because they have a latitude of 90° north and 90° south, respectively. Latitude is a measure of how far a place is from the equator, in degrees north or south. The equator is the most important line of latitude, as it divides the Earth into two equal halves called hemispheres. The equator has a latitude of 0°.
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