Chapter 1 Class 6 History - Studying the past

Why do you think rulers in ancient times recorded their victories on hard surfaces like rocks and pillars?


Answer to be written in the exam:

  • To boast about their accomplishments : Rulers wanted people to know about their victories and accomplishments. They would often commission the carving of inscriptions on rocks and pillars to show off their power and success.
  • To create a record of their reign: Kings and other rulers wanted to create a permanent record of their reign. Carvings on rocks and pillars provided a way to do this. These records would show future generations what they had achieved and how they had ruled.
  • To communicate with their subjects: Many people in ancient times were illiterate, meaning they couldn't read or write. Rulers used images and inscriptions on hard surfaces to communicate important information to their subjects. This was a way to make sure that their message was spread and understood by everyone.
  • To establish a legacy: Rulers in ancient times wanted to be remembered by future generations. Carvings on rocks and pillars helped to create a lasting legacy for the ruler and their accomplishments.
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