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Chapter 1 Class 6 History - Studying the past

Pottery is one of the most common finds on an excavation site. Why?


Answer to be written in the exam:

  • Pottery is a type of dish or container made from clay that has been heated in a special oven called a kiln. Pottery was u sed by people in the past to store food and water, cook food, and serve food and drinks.
  • One reason pottery is often found on excavation sites is that it is a very durable material. This means that it can last a long time without breaking down or decomposing.
  • Another reason pottery is often found on excavation sites is that it was used by people in the past for many different purpose s. People in ancient times used pottery for everyday activities like cooking, eating, and storing things. Because pottery was so useful, people made a lot of it, and it was used by people from all walks of life. 

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