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  • Geography has played an important role in the history of India.
  • A large country like India has diverse geographical features.
  • There are high mountains, hot deserts, fertile river valleys, and numerous rivers.
  • The Himalayan mountains in the north act as a n atural barrier between India and Central Asia.
  • The passes in the mountains have acted as roots of contact since ancient times.
  •  People -soldiers, traders, travelers, scholars, and others have often crossed these passes and traveled from one place to another.
  • They have brought new ideas customs, and habits that have made our culture richer.
  • The Indus and the Ganga plain are very fertile regions.
  • So is the valley of river Narmada.
  • These rivers' valleys were areas where people settled first . This was because
    • the river provided sufficient water for all their needs.
    • the land near the river was very fertile people could grow crops easily.
    • the rivers served as the means of transport
  • Geography determines the development scene in a particular area.
  •  Places with unfavorable environments are sparsely populated.
  •  The culture that develops there is not much affected by external influences.
  • On the other hand, areas, where the environment is favorable, are densely populated.

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