History is generally divided into three time periods-

(a) Prehistory

(b) Proto-History

(c) History


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  • The prehistoric period is the time when writing had not been invented. Hence, there are no written records of this period.
  • Our knowledge of prehistory is based entirely on archaeology.
  • To understand prehistory, archaeologists dig deep into the ground and dig out the remains of the past.
  • These physical remains such as pots, jewelry, tools, coins, bones , etc. help them to know about the past.
  • During this time, people didn't live in cities or have fancy technology like we do today. They were hunter-gatherers, which means they hunted animals and gathered food from nature to survive.


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  • The Proto-historic period is the time for which we have written records.
  • However, they are few and still cannot be read.
  • Archaeological sources are the main sources of information from this period.
  •  During the protohistoric period, some societies began to develop new technologies like metalworking , which allowed them to make tools and weapons that were stronger and more durable than before.
  • The protohistoric period is also characterized by the movement of people and ideas , as different groups interacted with each other through trade, migration, and warfare. This led to the d evelopment of new cultures and the mixing of old ones.
  • Example- Indus Valley civilization.


  • The time period after the invention of writing i s known as history.
  • Written records have been found in this period.
  • Early writing was done on rock pillars, copper plates, clay tablets, palm leaves, and on the bark of birch trees.
  • Over the years many of these pieces of evidence have been destroyed.
  • The ones that remain however are rich a source of information.
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