In data communication, the transmission medium is also known as channel . The capacity of a channel is the maximum amount of signals or traffic that a channel can carry . It is measured in terms of bandwidth and data transfer rate.


  • Bandwidth of a channel is the range of frequencies available for transmission of data through that channel. 
  • Higher the bandwidth, higher the data transfer rate. 
  • Normally, bandwidth is the difference of maximum and minimum frequency contained in the composite signals. 
  • Bandwidth is measured in Hertz (Hz). 

1 KHz =1000 Hz 

1 MHz =1000 KHz = 1000000 Hz

Data transfer rate

  • Data transfer rate is the number of bits transmitted between source and destination in one second. 
  • It is also known as bit rate. 
  • It is measured in terms of bits per second (bps). 
  • The higher units for data transfer rates are: 
    • 1 Kbps=210 bps=1024 bps 
    • 1 Mbps=220 bps=1024 Kbps 
    • 1 Gbps=230 bps=1024 Mbps 
    • 1 Tbps=240 bps=1024 Gbps
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