A sender is a computer or any such device which is capable of sending data over a network. It can be a computer, mobile phone, smartwatch, walkie talkie, video recording device, etc.


 A receiver is a computer or any such device which is capable of receiving data from the network. It can be any computer, printer, laptop, mobile phone, television, etc. 

In computer communication, the sender and receiver are known as nodes in a network.


It is the data or information that needs to be exchanged between the sender and the receiver . Messages can be in the form of text, number, image, audio, video, multimedia, etc.

Communication Media 

It is the path through which the message travels between source and destination. It is also called medium or link which is either wired or wireless. For example, a television cable, telephone cable, ethernet cable, satellite link, microwaves, etc. 


It is a set of rules that need to be followed by the communicating parties in order to have successful and reliable data communication. 

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