A dictionary containing phone numbers as  keys and names as values is named mydict.  Write a python program to delete the key value  pair from this dictionary after accepting phone  number from the user. 



# Assume that mydict is a dictionary containing phone numbers as keys and names as values

# For example, mydict = {'1234567890': 'Alice', '0987654321': 'Bob', '1357924680': 'Charlie'}

# Ask the user to enter a phone number

phone = input("Please enter a phone number: ")

# Check if the phone number is in mydict

if phone in mydict:

    # Delete the key-value pair using del or pop

    del mydict[phone]

    # Print a confirmation message

    print(f"The phone number {phone} has been deleted from mydict.")


    # Print an error message

    print(f"The phone number {phone} is not in mydict.")

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