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Would you agree with the view that the message of universal rights was beset with contradictions? Explain. 


Points to remember

  • Yes, universal rights were beset with contradictions
  • Equality before the law was only for the rich and not for the poor . Poor peasants and women had no rights representing themselves or voting rights .
  • Freedom of Speech was taken away during the reign of terror by Robespierre’s government. 

Answer to be written

  • Yes , I agree that the message of universal rights was beset with contradictions
  • For example, the "Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen" promises ‘Equality before Law’ , but it was not implemented in reality . In reality, only rich men were allowed to represent themselves and had the right to vote . Poor peasants did not have any such rights. Also, almost 3 million people were not able to pay sufficient taxes and women were not allowed to vote . Women were totally neglected .
  • Freedom of Speech , during Robespierre’s government everyone whom Robespierre considered the enemy of the republic was guillotine. The revolutionary journalist Camille Desmoulins wrote the meaning of liberty as equality, justice happiness, and reason and he was shortly executed, during the Reign of Terror . So it’s clear that freedom of speech was not practised in reality.

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