On 21st January, 1793  ___________________  was  executed publicly at the Place de la Concorde.

  1. Montesquieu
  2. Rousseau
  3. Robespierre
  4. Louis XVI


So, the correct answer is (d) - Louis XVI


Let’s check all the options

  • (a) Montesquieu - is the author of ‘ The Spirit of the Laws’ in which he proposed a division of power within the government between the legislative , the executive and the judiciary . So this is incorrect.
  • (b) Rousseau - is the author of The Social Contract in which he put forward many democratic principles . So this is incorrect.
  • (c) Robespierre - was guillotined in July 1974 because of policies of strict control and punishment. So this is incorrect.
  • (d) Louis XVI - was sentenced to death by a court on the charge of treason . On 21 January 1793 , he was executed publicly at the Place de la Concorde . So this is correct.
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