1. Chapter 2 Class 11 Relations and Functions
  2. Concept wise


Misc 6 Let f = {("x, " ๐‘ฅ2/(1+๐‘ฅ2)) : x โˆˆ R } be a function from R into R. Determine the range of f. f = { ("x , " ๐‘ฅ2/(1+๐‘ฅ2)) : x โˆˆ R } We find different values of ๐‘ฅ2/(1 + ๐‘ฅ2) for different values of x Domain Value will always be between 0 & 1 We note that Value of range y = ๐‘ฅ2/(1 + ๐‘ฅ2) is always positive Also, it is always between 0 and 1 Hence, Range is any positive integer between 0 and 1 with 0 included Thus, Range of f = [0, 1)

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