English Class 12
Flamingo - Poems (Literature)

Read the given extract and answer the questions


It is in the news that all these pitiful kin

Are to be bought out and mercifully gathered in

To live in villages, next to the theatre and the store,

Where they won’t have to think for themselves anymore,

While greedy good-doers, beneficent beasts of prey,

Swarm over their lives enforcing benefits

(A Roadside Stand)

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Question (i)

What is the meaning of the word kin in line 1 of the extract?

  •    A) Relatives or family members
  •     B) Friends or neighbors
  •     C) Customers or buyers
  •     D) Strangers or enemies


   Answer written by student:

(A) Relatives or family members

   Step-by-step explanation:

  •     To answer this question, we need to understand the meaning and context of the word kin. Kin is a noun that means relatives or family members. It is often used to refer to people who share a common ancestry, blood, or origin.
  •     In this extract, the poet uses the word kin to refer to the roadside stand owners and other rural people who are poor and marginalized. He calls them pitiful kin, meaning that they are pitied or looked down upon by the city people and the government. He also implies that they have a bond or connection with each other, as they share a similar way of life and struggle.👪

Question (ii)

 What is the figure of speech used in line 6 of the extract?

  •    A) Simile
  •    B) Metaphor
  •   C) Personification
  •    D) Oxymoron


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