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English Class 11
Hornbill - Chapters (Literature)

Read the extract and answer the following questions.


After Akhenaten’s death, a mysterious ruler named Smenkhkare appeared briefly and exited with hardly a trace. And then a very young Tutankhaten took the throne — King Tut as he’s widely known today. The boy king soon changed his name to Tutankhamun, ‘living image of Amun,’ and oversaw a restoration of the old ways. He reigned for about nine years — and then died unexpectedly.

(Discovering Tut: the Saga Continues )

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Question (i)

Who was Akhenaten and what did he do that was different from the previous pharaohs?


Answer as written by the student:

Akhenaten was King Tut's father and he introduced a new form of worship that focused on one god, Aten, the sun disk.

Step-by-step explanation:

  • To answer this question, we need to recall the information that is given in the previous part of the story. We can use skimming and scanning skills to find the relevant part of the text quickly. For example:
  •  Skimming is reading quickly to get the main idea or gist of a text.
  •   We can skim the previous part of the story and see that it is about how King Tut's family history was traced by DNA analysis.
  •  Scanning is reading quickly to find specific details or facts in a text.
  •   We can scan the previous part of the story and look for keywords or phrases related to the question, such as "Akhenaten", "father", or "worship".
  • We can then use these skills to find the answer in the second paragraph of the previous part of the story. We can use quotation marks to indicate the exact words from the text. We can also use bold formatting to highlight the key words. For example:
  •  The answer is given in the second paragraph of the previous part of the story: "The tests identified Akhenaten, who ruled from around 1353 to 1336 B.C., as Tut’s father. Akhenaten is famous for his attempt to shake up Egypt’s religious traditions. Instead of paying homage to many gods, he elevated one above all others — Aten, represented by a sun disk".

Question (ii)

What was the name of the mysterious ruler who appeared briefly after Akhenaten's death?

  • (a) Smenkhkare
  • (b) Ay
  • (c) Horemheb
  • (d) Nefertiti


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