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English Class 10
First Flight - Poems (Literature)

Read the given extract and answer the questions


There is a languid, emerald sea,

where the sole inhabitant is me—

a mermaid, drifting blissfully.


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Question (i)

What does the word "languid" mean in the extract?

  • A) Lazy
  • B) Lively
  • C) Lonely
  • D) Lovely



Answer written by the student:

A) Lazy

   Step-by-Step Explanation:

  •        To answer this question, we need to understand the meaning of the word "languid" and how it relates to the context of the extract.🧐
  •        The word "languid" means slow, relaxed, or weak. It describes the state of the sea and the mermaid in the extract. They are both calm and peaceful, without any hurry or excitement.😌
  •        The other options do not fit the context of the extract. Lively means full of energy or activity, which is the opposite of languid. Lonely means sad or isolated, which does not match the mermaid's blissful mood. Lovely means attractive or pleasant, which is a subjective opinion that does not define the word languid. πŸ˜•
  •        Therefore, the correct option is A) Lazy , which is closest in meaning to languid.πŸ‘

Question (ii)

What is the poetic device used in the line "where the sole inhabitant is me"?


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